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The new Era of Naruto...(2013)

Naruto the world’s number.1 anime/cartoon By Rahim Muhammad Syed

Naruto is the best anime worldwide and there are many fans of Naruto. It is a hit on the net for its great story and awesome characters! The story is about a kid named Naruto, who lives in a village called the “Leaf Village”; this story takes place in a world of ninjas. Everyone hates him a lot though because a monster fox was sealed into him by a previous leader of the Leaf Village who died doing so, after that day everyone hated Naruto and he was alone. He himself didn’t know about his parents and how’d they die. The older leader of the village (the leaders of the leaf village known as “Hokage”) took care of him by providing him with money but Naruto wasn’t happy because he lived alone, but later he started making friends and he was happy because those friends rescued him from his loneliness. Naruto also had a dream to become the leader of his village. As he becomes a ninja he had his own team and started going on missions and Naruto will rescue his friends no matter what happens because they are important to him!

Naruto also has another season known as Naruto Shippuden, which is even better! I’d recommend you this anime and do watch the second season too. You can watch Naruto Episodes online; some related links are=,,, 

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Naruto, Intro, Pictures and More

Naruto Shippuden Opening Not even giving in to the sudden rain

nico not even giving

Naruto Shippuden Opening sign

Naruto shippuden opening 6

Naruto Shippuden Opening Distance (

Naruto Shippuden opening (LOL)